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The Graduate program in Applied Science and Technology (AS&T) focuses on studies involving the application of physical and mathematical techniques to fundamental investigations and emerging areas within the physical and life sciences. Major areas of emphasis are in applied physics, engineering sciences, and mathematical sciences. AS&T is a Ph.D. program; however, students who are interested in pursuing a Master’s of Science degree may complete the additional requirements while continuing to work toward the Ph.D.

Design your own Ph.D or M.S.

AS&T offers students the option of crossing disciplinary lines in developing graduate degree programs. Students choose courses from a variety of departments as appropriate. They are given graduate exams tailored to reflect the breadth of their programs. For example, a student interested in quantum phenomena in nanostructures could take courses in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) and in Physics, and would be examined appropriately; students interested in the development and application of x-ray microscopy for the life sciences could take physical science courses in EECS and physics, as well as courses in biochemistry and physiology; if a student is primarily interested in theoretical mechanics, s/he could take courses in engineering and mathematics, drawing equally on both for a balanced foundation, while not having to satisfy all the requirements for a Ph.D. in either mathematics or engineering.