Ashok Ajoy


Magnetic resonance and quantum sensing with applications to problems in physical chemistry; nanoscale spin dynamics; control of quantum systems

Zakaria Al Balushi

Materials Science & Engineering

Electronic and photonic materials synthesis of compound semiconductor thin films and nanostructures using chemical vapor deposition for electronic and optoelectronic devices.

M. Reza Alam

Mechanical Engineering - UCB

Theoretical and Applied Fluid Dynamics, Ocean and Coastal Waves Phenomena, Ocean Renewable Energy and Nonlinear Waves

Gopala Anumanchipalli

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Computational modelling and clinical translation of spoken language

Adam Arkin


Systems and Synthetic Biology, Environmental Microbiology of Bacteria and Viruses, bioenergy, Biomedicine, Bioremediation, space

Mark Asta

Materials Science & Engineering

Research involves the use of state-of-the-art computational tools in the modeling and design of complex materials systems for structural and energy related applications. In this context, first-principles-based atomic-scale modeling and simulation methods are applied in studies of the structural, thermodynamic and dynamic properties of bulk phases, surfaces and interfaces.

David Attwood

Applied Science and Technology/EECS - UCB; Nano-X at SLAC

Partially coherent radiation at short wave-lengths, synchrotrons, undulators, x-ray lasers, processes in hot dense plasmas; x-ray optics, microscopes, and holography; application of element specific x-ray microscopy to studies in the life and physical sciences.

Lee Bernstein

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Fusion
LBNL/UCB Nuclear Data Group

Carlos J. Bustamante

Physics, Molecular and Cell Biology, Chemistry - UCB; Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Thermodynamics of small systems and its applications to both biological and non-biological systems.

Connie Chang-Hasnain

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Expertise in thin film science; IC processing, electronic materials and ion beam technology.

Daryl C. Chrzan

Materials Science and Engineering - UCB

Computational materials science, with emphases on dislocation dynamics and the growth of thin films.

Phillip Colella

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department

Development of new algorithms and software for partial differential equations and the application of those algorithms and software to a variety of problems in science and engineering.

Michael F. Crommie

Physics/ LBNL MSD

Local electronic, magnetic, and mechanical properties of low-dimensional nanostructures.

Trevor Darrell


monitoring using computer vision

Oscar D. Dubón, Jr.

Materials Science and Engineering - UCB

Electronic materials processing, low-temperature molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), growth and properties of group IV alloys, synthesis of semiconductor nanostructures.

Roger W. Falcone

Physics - UCB, Advanced Light Source, LBNL

Quantum electronics and short wavelength coherent light sources, with applications to atomic physics, solid state physics and plasma physics.

Graham Fleming

Chemistry Department, UCB; LBNL; QB3 (UCB, UCSF, UCSC)

Conversion of solar energy into chemical energy using hybrid biological nano-structured materials.

Costas P. Grigoropoulos

Mechanical Engineering - UCB

Micro/nanoscale transport and processing.

T. Kenneth Gustafson

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Quantum Electronics Group - UCB

Modern optics and quantum electronic techniques; non-linear phenomena; coherence in electronic materials.

Hartmut Haeffner

Physics - UCB

Quantum information applications with trapped ions such as scalable quantum computers, solid-state to AMO interfaces, quantum electronics, and quantum emulation of complex condensed matter systems.

Frances Hellman

Physics and Materials Science & Engineering

My research group prepares and studies thin films of novel magnetic, semiconducting, and superconducting materials, particularly amorphous and multilayered materials, which are of interest to spin electronics industries and for LIGO mirror coatings.

Amy E. Herr

Bioengineering - UCB

Micro/nanofluidics to quantify biomolecules in complex fluids; clinical and point-of-care diagnostics;electokinetic phenomena.

Peter Hosemann

Nuclear Engineering

Applied materials research and development including but not limited to additive manufacturing, materials properties and materials processing.

Haiyan Huang


Interface between statistics and data-rich scientific disciplines such as biology; addressing various modeling and analysis challenges from enormous high-dimensional, complex, noisy data generated from rapidly evolving biological technologies.

Ali Javey

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Interdisciplinary research in nanoelectronics and nano-biotechnology.

Na Ji

Physics and Molecular & Cell Biology

We apply methods of optical physics to microscopy technologies.

Boubacar Kante

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Nano-optics and composite materials

Alessandra Lanzara

Physics - UCB; LBNL

Hydrogen storage in carbon materials and multifunctional solar cells.

Seung-Wuk Lee


Bioengineering approaches to design and create functional nanostructures for regenerative medicine, therapeutics, biosensing and energy generations.

Eric Yue Ma

Physics & by courtesy EECS

Interaction between light and condensed matter (solids and liquids) in uncommon regimes, with an eye out for applications in sensing, human-computer interface, and mixed reality.

Roya Maboudian

Chemical Engineering - UCB

Surface/Interfacial Science and Micro-/Nanosystems Technology.

Philip S. Marcus

Mechanical Engineering, Nonlinear Dynamics Group - UCB

Bifurcations and development of chaotic flows, numerical simulation of three- dimensional fluid flow, vortex dynamics, numerical algorithms for large Reynolds number flows, applications to astrophysics and geophysics.

Lane Martin

Materials Science & Engineering

Synthesis, characterization, and utilization of complex-oxide thin-film materials including developing fundamental understanding of material function and novel routes to enhance materials performance for applications ranging from memory and logic to energy conversion and beyond.

Ali Mesbah

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Learning-based analysis and control of uncertain systems, manufacturing systems, materials processing

Mohammed R. K. Mofrad

Bioengineering - UCB

Molecular phenomena underlying cell mechanics and mechanotransduction, toward understanding their role in human disease.

Paulo Monteiro

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Characterization of structural materials using synchrotron radiation

Clark Nguyen

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) applied to radio frequency (RF) communication sensor devices.

Ahmad Omar

Materials Science & Engineering

Our research aims to advance our theoretical understanding of both natural and synthetic soft matter systems by leveraging the tools of statistical mechanics, continuum mechanics and computer simulation.

Gabriel Orebi Gann


Instrumentation and detector development for fundamental and applied neutrino physics, including remote reactor monitoring.


Panayiotis Papadopoulos

Mechanical Engineering - UCB

Theoretical and computational mechanics of solids.

Per-Olof Persson


Computational fluid and solid mechanics, high-order discontinuous Galerkin methods, fluid-structure interaction, unstructured mesh generation, adjoint-based optimization, parallel computing.

Kristin Aslaug Persson

Materials Science & Engineering

Professor Persson is involved in several materials research areas, such as Li-ion batteries, Mg batteries, photocatalysts, etc.

Sayeef Salahuddin

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - UCB

Physics of nanoscale devices encompassing full spectrum of Physics, Materials Science and Electrical Engineering. Visit at: www.eecs.berkeley.edu/~sayeef.

Carl Schroeder

Nuclear Engineering

Research is focused on compact laser-plasma-based acceleration of electrons and ions, and the development of high brightness particle and photon sources.

Mary Scott

Materials Science & Engineering

Computational imaging methods applied to electron microscopy.

James Sethian

Mathematics - UCB

Numerical solution at differential equations applied by fluid mechanics, materials sciences, and engineering.

Shawn Shadden

Mechanical Engineering

Physics-based Modeling and Simulation

Irfan Siddiqi


Quantum Information Science, Quantum Computing with Superconducting Circuits.

Alp Sipahigil

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Quantum information devices; superconducting qubits, solid-state defects, nanomechanics, and nanophotonics; hybrid quantum systems.

Lydia L. Sohn

Mechanical Engineering - UCB

Developing optical or electronics-based on-chip platform technologies for single-cell analysis.

David Steigmann

Mechanical Engineering - UCB

Application of Continuum Mechanics to Problems in Biophysics.

Hayden Taylor

Mechanical Engineering

Micro and nano-fabrication processes applied to biological tissue culture; integration of diffractive optics with MEMS and microfluids for imaging and lithography.

Grigory Tikhomirov

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Fabrication of electronic and medical nanoscale devices via molecular programming.


Hendrik Utzat


The Utzat group conducts experimental research to understand and manipulate light-matter interactions at the nanoscale, focusing on creating novel semiconductor materials for optoelectronics and developing advanced nano-optical spectroscopy techniques for sensitive biomolecular detection.

Karl van Bibber

Nuclear Engineering - UCB

The research of my group is situated at the nexus of basic and applied nuclear, particle, accelerator, and instrumentation science, encompassing applied neutrino physics for nuclear non-proliferation, development of novel neutron sources and applications to geochronology, nuclear medicine, etc., and innovative accelerator technology and applications to heavy ion fusion and particle astrophysics.

Jasmina Vujic

Nuclear Engineering

Development of deterministic and Monte Carlo numerical methods in neutral particle transport, and their application in reactor design, nuclear physics, radiation detection, nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear medicine and cancer therapy.

Laura Waller


The computational imaging lab develops new optical systems that optimize hardware and computation simultaneously, for measuring optical wave-field effects (e.g. phase imaging, coherence imaging, and nonlinear optics).

Feng Wang

Physics - UCB

Laser spectroscopy, nanophotonics and plasmonics.

Hans-Rudolf Wenk

Earth and Planetary Science

Investigate the development of preferred orientation materials using high-pressure synchrotron x-rays diffraction techniques.

K. Birgitta Whaley

Chemistry - UCB

Theory of atomic and molecular clusters, nanostructures, and high-energy density materials.

Jon Wilkening


Partial differential equations, spectral methods, approximation theory and optimization, with applications in fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, materials science and plasma physics.

Junqiao Wu

Materials Science and Engineering - UCB; Materials Science Division (LBNL)

Nanomaterials for applications in electronics, photovoltaics, and photonics.

Jonathan Wurtele

Physics - UCB

Trapping of anti-matter; free-electron laser x-ray sources; intense laser-plasma interactions; high-energy density physics.

Ting Xu

Materials Science and Engineering

Self-assembly of polymer, peptide, peptidomimetic and nanoparticle for functional soft materials

Eli Yablonovitch

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - UCB

Silicon nano-photonics, nano-electronics, plasmonics, and the development of components for quantum information processing technology.

Jie Yao

Materials Science & Engineering

Optical Materials and Nanophotonics

Xiang Zhang

Mechanical Engineering, Director: NSF Nano-Scale Science and Engineering Center - UCB

Applied physics, nano-photonics, nano-devices engineering, and novel nano-scale fabrication.

Rayne Zheng

Materials Science & Engineering

Additive manufacturing and processes for micro-electro-mechanical system,
material processing for energy storage and transduction materials

Tarek I. Zohdi

Mechanical Engineering - UCB

Multiscale representation of materials.

Michael W. Zuerch

Chemistry & Materials Science Division at LBNL

Ultrafast laser and X-ray spectroscopy, study of dynamics and correlations in quantum materials and systems of relevance to energy applications.